⬡Maze, pronouned HexaMaze, is a limited-visibility hexagonal maze game that never ends.


  • Infinite randomly generated mazes
  • Increasing difficulty
  • 5 unique abilities
  • Music and sounds



Click/tap + hold anywhere on the screen to move around.

Click/tap on "Activate Ability" when available to trigger abilities.


Use WASD or arrows keys to move around.

Use SPACE to trigger abilities.

Important notes

If the game is just a black screen, please try reloading the page.

The game is best played using the newest version of Chrome or Firefox. If the game doesn't work for you, try updating/switching your browser. Also note that Firefox on Linux seems to have bad performance, try chrome instead, or one of the downloadable versions.

Note: No MacOSX version as I don't own any apple devices to test it on.


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HexaMaze-linux-v0.1.2.zip 14 MB
HexaMaze-windows-v0.1.2.zip 12 MB


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Enjoyed this a lot!

this is great. but is it 3d or 2d? kinda comefusing me


Interesting! I enjoyed my time with it! I'm not sure if it's just my computer or not, but it appears that the font is overlapping a bit?


This is a brillinat little game, I love it! 


This is really cool!  I said "whoa!" outloud to myself several times while playing~ XD   Lovely visual aesthetics, great music, and a very clever mechanic!