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Grow plants, brew potions, maybe even solve a mystery

"Today marks the first day I was supposed to start as an apprentice for the esteemed magical botanist Arden Silvera. I arrived yesterday and I have yet to see any signs of them. I've found a couple of torn out pages of what seems to be their journal. Maybe they will be happy that I found them. Until then, this garden looks a bit run down, maybe I should get to work."

About the game

Potion Commotion is a cute farming game where you grow plants to gather resources and using those resources to brew magical potions with unique abilities. On the way, you will find torn out pages from your master Ardon Silvera that provide more details on the plants, the potion, the garden and what happened to them.

The game is quite straight forward. You click on seeds from your inventory and place them on a watered field. Fields can be watered with the Potion of Hydration, which can be made in the cauldron with 5 pieces of a Hydroangea flower. If you're ever confused, simply refer to the game's journal.

This is just the basics. The game has a 'How to play' section in the menu and the game will guide you along the way.


  • 10 plants to grow
  • 15 different unique potions to brew
  • 3 unique background music loops
  • 30 pages in an in-game journal
  • Achievements
  • Day/night cycle
  • Movable barrels for your items
  • A small storyline

Heart edition?

This is the Heart Edition of Potion Commotion made by Jas 💖 as part of a game jam with my gf Kamilla's Rainbow. We used the same idea and collaborated on the art, but there are still numerous differences in the two games. Check out her version of the game too: Potion Commotion: Rainbow Edition.


Most assets are made by Kamilla's Rainbow but a few of them are made by me. The music is made by me in FL Studio 20. The code is all written by me using the Godot game engine.

Note: no MacOSX version as I have no mac computer available for testing.


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